The Omnia Cognitive Assessment

Thousands of studies have shown that General Mental Ability is a strong indicator of successful performance across a variety of jobs.

Can Your Boss be Your BFF?
So many job little time!

Our 15 minute online behavioral assessment can help you make more informed hiring decisions resulting in employee selection success!

Can Your Boss be Your BFF?
Do your A Players have the need for speed?

Identify employee strengths and weaknesses to boost your employee development, retention and motivation.

Can Your Boss be Your BFF?
Don't let that big one get away!

Our Target Profile is an economical solution for high volume positions with custom reports and the convenience of instant online results!

Can Your Boss be Your BFF?
Everyone is a winner with a free profile!

What better way to see if our behavioral assessment is right for you, than to take one yourself! Learn more about our FREE PROFILE NOW!

Can Your Boss be Your BFF?

Lunch & Learn with us from your desktop or mobile device in 2015! 

Free employee help webinarsIn this challenging economy, it’s more important than ever to make the right hiring/promotion decisions and ensure a strong return on your investment.  We’ve got webinars on employee recruitment, selection, retention, motivation, communication and more!

See our 2015 webinar schedule here!



Amp up your employee development with online soft skills training!

Online soft skills employee training

Let’s be honest…most online learning classes are BORING!

What makes ours different?  Interactive television. Booster training. Short lessons. Customization based on your Omnia Profile results or company training needs.

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